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Solar Cents is dedicated to providing comprehensive and cost-effective commercial solar consulting services with decades of experience. We help clients make sound decisions before shifting to solar energy with an unbiased and transparent process. Whether you’re looking for commercial solar leasing or solar purchase options, or solar financing, we have the expertise to help you switch to renewable energy today. 

With our trained and competent team of experts, we conduct full-service due diligence for commercial properties, including feasibility analysis, design, optimization, and management of solar systems. We also provide full financing solutions and a variety of commercial solar purchase options.

While an organization’s team plays a role in initiating such projects, they can also capture significant financial and operational opportunities when choosing to work with an experienced solar consultant. 

With more than 15 years of experience, Solar Cents has repeatedly heeded the call to take climate change seriously with a vast selection of renewable energy solutions such as commercial solar to help reduce the carbon footprint in addition to lowering energy costs for many businesses.

Why Businesses Should Consider Solar?

Businesses are often looking for a great way to utilize the government incentives that are offered. Clean solar energy provides a low-risk opportunity for your commercial enterprise to leverage an attractive ROI while increasing asset value. Commercial establishments also benefit from energy independence, future longevity, and reduced overhead costs. 

Fortunately, several enablers, such as the provision of utility incentives, tax benefits, and federal solar tax credits, can ease your switch. Additionally, switching to renewable sources, such as solar panels, helps the environment. Commercial establishments have realized that they can also save millions by switching to solar.

However, despite these benefits, most commercial businesses remain uncertain if installing solar panels is right for their business model. If you face this dilemma, you shouldn’t talk to solar installation companies as they will provide a biased opinion to make sales. Therefore, you should consult a neutral party with your best interests at heart.

Below are some services that our commercial solar consultants can help with:

Commercial Solutions

Solar Land Leasing

If you’re a landowner looking to lease your land for a solar farm, you may have questions about the process. This is completely normal, as most people don’t have enough experience with the solar industry to make an informed decision to lease their land for a solar project. 

Lease your unused land, open space, or parking lots to us and we will install a solar farm and sell the electricity to the utility company. You receive a base rent for the duration of the lease while we handle all operations and maintenance.

Commercial Solutions

Solar as a Service

We leverage our large network of solar developers to design, permit, finance, and install a solar system on your property for little to no cost.

Businesses and homeowners purchase the electricity generated from the system at a fixed rate, which allows them to have predictability and control over their electric expenses.

This option gives you the ability to avoid rising electric expenses due to the maintenance of degrading utility infrastructure, rising fuel costs, power plant operations, and the increase in severe weather conditions.

Additionally, there is limited risk for the property owner since our solar partner is responsible for the system performance, operation, and maintenance

Commercial Solutions

EV Charging Stations

Commercial charging stations allow businesses to earn more revenue by setting up charging points for electric vehicles. The decision to run this business model depends on the amount of energy the business generates or gets from solar farms. A solar energy consultant can help your business evaluate the feasibility of this business model.

Commercial Solutions

Solar Roof Leasing

Rooftop solar panels for commercial buildings significantly reduce energy costs while generating an additional source of revenue. Use your roof to generate solar energy.

Why Us!

As mentioned, homeowners should consult solar energy consultants for various reasons. However, there is a challenge in finding knowledgeable solar consultants who can provide reliable and honest insights.

Our scope of work revolves around providing our customers with accurate advice and recommendations for homeowners to be able to choose the best solar solutions for their homes.

Save Your Money

Save money on utilities or increase the value of your home by installing solar.

Consult & Planning

Our remote residential solar systems are designed to reliably power our clients.

Your Home Is Energy

Everyday the sun provides us with abundance of free energy through solar.