Commercial Solar Purchasing Options

Commercial Solar Purchasing Options – Discover Cost Savings with Solar Cents

At Solar Cents, we are committed to providing commercial entities with the most comprehensive and cost-effective commercial solar purchasing options available. Whether you’re looking for a direct solar system purchase, a commercial solar lease agreement, or maybe your business needs help to secure a loan for your solar project, we have the expertise to help you switch to renewable energy today.

Why Hire a Commercial Solar Consultant?

Working with a solar consultant that is not tied to any specific commercial solar provider helps provide a transparent and customized solution that is in line with your budget and scope. No matter which option you choose our team will be there with you every step of the way. We will work with you to tailor a solution that best meets your commercial solar needs and helps you take advantage of all the benefits that solar power offers. When your organization changes to renewable solar energy, you’ll recognize immediate energy savings and protection against future utility rate increases that can threaten your financial stability.

Purchasing a commercial solar system for your business can often be a difficult decision. With multiple providers available in your area, knowing the right questions and getting clear answers can also be challenging. A good place to start and often one of the most important things to know when purchasing a commercial solar system is knowing your commercial solar purchase options.

At Solar Cents, we offer several of the best and most popular commercial solar purchasing options available:

Option One

Direct Purchase

You own the solar system on your roof that generates free electricity for the lifetime of your solar panels, typically 25 years. With a direct purchase, the incentives and tax credits are yours. 

Option Two

Commercial PPA

You maintain ownership of the roof and your building, while Solar Cents owns and maintains the solar system. You’ll receive a lower electricity rate from all the electricity your solar system produces, with no upfront cost or maintenance required.

Option Three

Solar Site Lease

Lease your commercial rooftops and parking lots. A simple, low maintenance option for installing solar and generating revenue, without having an electric demand onsite.

Option Four

Finance Options

Loan, Operating Lease and Capital lease options that can qualify for No Money Out Of Pocket, give businesses and building owners the opportunity to Go Solar and start saving money.