Solar Ready Roof Replacement

Need a New Commercial Roof?

Solar Ready Roof Replacement 

Don’t pay out of pocket!

Let Solar Pay for your new roof!

New solar panels and a new GAF TPO Commercial roof.

Get your new roof paid for by installing solar panels now!

This provides a:

  • Stronger debt to equity ratio
  • Balance sheet
  • Improved cash flow

With Solar Cents,  you further improve your financials by reducing maintenance costs and eliminating deferred maintenance offset through the new warranties, resulting in decrease in expenses and improved cash flow. 

We have been a local New Jersey solar consultant for the past 15 years. We facilitated over half $1 billion worth of solar energy systems across the country and now we want to help you put solar on your roof!

      Stronger Balance Sheet

  • Increase Real Estate Asset Value
  • No Offset Reductions via Cash Payments
  • No Offset Increases in Liabilities Due to Borrowing
  • Increased Appraised Value

           Debt to Equity Ratio

  • Increase in equity with no corresponding debt.
  • Leads to lower cost of corporate debt (working capital credit lines).
  • Ability to borrow more against increased collateral basis.
  • Increased debt to equity ratio reduces capital costs.

           Improved Cash Flow

  • Reduces roof maintenance costs.
  • Eliminates deferred maintenance offsets.
  • Decrease budgeted annual expenses.
  • Increase net operating income.