Roof Replacement
Revenue Program

Roof Revenue and Replacement Program

Let Us Pay for it!

Our investors are in the roofing business and can replace or repair your Commercial roof with zero upfront costs!

Our customized solution allows you to finance your capital improvement off your balance sheet, while guaranteeing future savings in your utilities and roof management budget.

Solar Cents Roof Revenue and Replacement Program was created for Commercial Properties in early 2014 to provide an off-balance sheet financing mechanism for historically dead asset. Turn your roof into financial windfall.

With the Solar Cents program, you receive a new roof and solar system with no capital outlay. You simply enter into a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) to off take power from our solar system at a discounted low fixed rate annual escalation and we pay for the roof for you.

Both the roof and photovoltaic solar system are fully warrantied for the term of the program. This means that we take care of all maintenance to both the roof and solar system, eliminating a line from your annual budget and giving you a worry-free roof.

Solar Cents offers a roof revenue and replacement program exclusively for commercial property owners, which enables them to replace their old roofs with new, energy-efficient ones and generate revenue through solar panel installations. The program aims to assist commercial property owners in reducing their electricity expenses and generating income from excess energy generated by the solar panels.

Under the program, Solar Cents installs a new roof on the commercial property using high-quality materials and experienced professionals. The company also installs solar panels on the roof and connects them to the local power grid, allowing commercial property owners to sell excess energy back to their utility company.

The program is designed to be revenue-neutral, meaning that commercial property owners can pay for the cost of the roof replacement and solar panel installation using the revenue generated by the excess energy they sell back to the grid. This means that commercial property owners can enjoy the benefits of a new, energy-efficient roof and generate revenue from renewable energy, without incurring any upfront costs.

Additionally, the program offers commercial property owners the opportunity to become more environmentally responsible by reducing their carbon footprint and promoting sustainability. This can also improve their public image and attract environmentally-conscious customers.

Overall, Solar Cents’ roof replacement and revenue program provides a valuable opportunity for commercial property owners to reduce their energy expenses, generate revenue, and promote sustainability, all while enjoying the benefits of a new, energy-efficient roof.

Stronger Balance Sheet

  • Increase Real Estate Asset Value
  • No offset reductions via cash payments
  • No offset increases in liabilities due to borrowing.
  • Increased Appraised Value

Debt to Equity Ratio

  • Increase in equity with no corresponding debt 
  • Leads to lower cost of corporate debt. 
  • Ability to borrow more against increased collateral basis.
  • Increased debt to equity ratio reduces capital costs.

Improved Cash Flow

  • Reduces roof maintenance costs.
  • Eliminates deferred maintenance offsets.
  • Decreases budgeted annual expenses.
  • Increase net operating income.

Maintenance Free Roof

  • Further improve your financials by reducing maintenance costs
  • Eliminate deferred maintenance offset through the new warranties, resulting in decrease in expenses and improved cash flow. 

Why Us!

As mentioned, Commercial Property Owners should consult solar energy consultants for various reasons. However, there is a challenge in finding knowledgeable solar consultants who can provide reliable and honest insights.

Our scope of work revolves around providing our customers with accurate advice and recommendations for Property owners to be able to choose the best solar solutions for their properties.

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Save money on utilities or increase the value of your property by installing solar.

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Our remote commercial solar systems are designed to reliably power our clients.

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Everyday the sun provides us with abundance of free energy through solar.